A Return to Running Fast and Playing Hard

A Return to Running Fast and Playing Hard

We here at ActivPhy never get tired of  stories about dogs who were relieved of discomfort and returned to a more active lifestyle because of the joint supporting benefits of ActivPhy. The story of Lulu, however, is one we just had to share…

I just wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful product. I have a 2 year old pit bull, Lulu that developed ruptured ACL requiring surgery.  A TPLO (?) was performed, but did not seem successful.  She continued to limp for over a year afterwards, and cannot even sit with her hind legs beneath her. Immediately after surgery, I used a human OTC glucosamine product (which I had used on a prior dog with ACL surgery, and she recovered fine), but it was not effective with Lulu.  Then I tried Cosaquin, without relief. Besides which, she doesn’t like to swallow pills. Meantime, she developed limping in the opposite leg, she was so bad one day that she could not stand on either leg and I had to use a towel under her abdomen to help her stand and walk when we went to the vet. Then I found ActivPhy and there is a tremendous difference after two months! I have not seen her limp on her “good” leg at all, and she very rarely limps on her operated leg, and not at all for at least three weeks! I’ve even seen her able to sit correctly a time or two.  She can run fast and play hard in the yard with my other dogs and does not suffer for it the next day. I have not had to use pain medicine at all since using ActivPhy.

I love how the front of the package says “MAY HELP alleviate discomfort due to NORMAL daily activity”.  LOL. It HAS helped with her, even with EXTREME weekend activities. I’m a happy Mama!

I am not a person given to contacting companies with testimonials, but I had to share my happiness and Lulu’s improvement with you. My dogs and their health are my life. Thank you so much. I will never try another joint supplement!  ~Judie

If you’re concerned about your dog’s mobility or think he’s in discomfort, maybe now’s the time to try ActivPhy. Not sure if it’s right for your dog? Read this. Ready to purchase? Start here.

And if you have a story that you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear it. Email it along with your name, dog’s name, age, breed, their story and photos of your dog to contact@activphy.com.

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