Joint supplement for dogs – about ActivPhy’s ingredients 

The combination of ingredients provides maximum effectiveness in joint support and makes ActivPhy a complete joint supplement for dogs. In addition to glucosamine and MSM, ActivPhy is the only over the counter joint supplement using a patented method of support with a blue green algae extract that serves as an antioxidant and supports the body’s normal anti-inflammatory response due to normal daily exercise.In addition to glucosamine found in traditional joint supplements, ActivPhy adds Turmeric, Flaxseed Oil ( omega 3’s), Creatine, and an antioxidant blend for maximum effectiveness in our joint aid for dogs. ActivPhy supports muscle bone and cartilage health and is safe for dogs as young as one year of age.We are so confident in our product, we guarantee you’ll see a difference. Check out our testimonials to see what other pet parents are saying.