What is in ActivPhy?
How much ActivPhy do I give my dog?
Dosing depends on your dog’s weight. When you begin ActivPhy you need to give your dog the initial administration dose for at 4-6 weeks then move to the maintenance administration. Detailed dosage info can be found here.
Ingredient Questions
Where is ActivPhy made?
ActivPhy is proudly made in the USA.
I’ve heard that your product contains blue green algae. I thought this was toxic?
We assure you that our ActivPhy products are safe. Please note: 

1. The active ingredient is an extract of blue-green algae. 
2. ActivPhy products contain no blue-green algae whatsoever. 
3. Our blue-green algae extract is thoroughly tested for and free of heavy metals and microcystin. 
4. The blue-green algae extract in ActivPhy products is from reliable suppliers in the USA. ActivPhy products are compounded using quality, human food grade or pharmaceutical grade ingredients. 
5. The bloom of the blue-green algae is the toxic part, and our extract is not taken from the bloom 
6. Blue Green Algae extract is safely used in human and animal supplementation and has proven health benefits 

We are committed to providing the most effective and safe supplements to pets to allow them to live a better quality life.
My dog is allergic to shellfish, is there any shellfish in the glucosamine?
The Glucosamine HCl is synthetically produced to Pharmaceutical Grade, 99%+ purity. The starting source in the synthetic process is chitin, which is derived from shellfish, but because it is Pharmaceutical Grade, no shellfish is present.
What type of glucosamine is in ActivPhy?
The Glucosamine HCl is synthetically produced to Pharmaceutical Grade , 99%+ purity. The starting source in the synthetic process is chitin, which is derived from shellfish, but because it is Pharmaceutical Grade, no shellfish is present.
What is in the marine lipid concentrates?
The marine lipid concentrates come from cold northern Atlantic waters, where fish are high in omega 3 fatty acids. The source of these concentrates is: menhaden, cod, and halibut.
There are some white crystals on my ActivPhy. Is this mold or something bad?
No, this is a normal batch variation with the ActivPhy soft chews. ActivPhy soft chews are made from natural ingredients, and it is normal to have variations in color and texture from batch to batch. The crystals you are seeing are from the MSM. This doesn’t cause any issues with the palatability of efficacy of the product, and it will not harm your pet in any way.
My dog has issues with the liver in regards to copper. Is there copper in ActivPhy products?
There is no added copper in any ActivPhy product. 13 ppm of copper is an extremely low level of copper, which is clinically insignificant to any animal at the dose of ActivPhy given on a per day basis. Since there are natural ingredients in all ActivPhy products, a trace of copper can exist in the ppm range. For clinical issues relating to copper toxicity, the amounts of copper need to be in the high “mg” or even “gram” ranges. These “mg” or “gram” ranges would translate as follows: 1.0 gram = 1000 mg = 1,000,000 ppm Thus, 13 ppm of copper in ActivPhy is clinically insignificant. As with any medical condition, we recommend that you use ActivPhy under the direction of your veterinarian, who has the most up to date information about your pet’s medical health. We also remind you to purchase your pet’s medications from your most trusted source- your veterinarian. There are many cases of counterfeit products being sold on the internet, and we cannot be sure what is in those products.
My pet is on a diet. How many calories are in ActivPhy?
30 calories per chew
What is the sodium content in ActivPhy?
There is no sodium in ActivPhy.
How much fat is in one ActivPhy Soft Chew?
There is 350 mg of fat per regular size soft chew.
We normally prescribe a glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM supplement for dogs with joint disease. ActivPhy Soft Chews contains glucosamine & MSM, but does not list chondroitin. Is it in there in some other form? If not, what takes its place?
Both glucosamine and MSM provide nourishment to the cartilage like chondroitin does. The blue-green algae extract alleviates the inflammation that would typically block penetration of ingredients and make it difficult for the cartilage to get the nutrition it needs. Since the blue green algae extract in ActivPhy reduces the inflammation, the joints are able optimize the use of glucosamine and MSM. Because of this, chondroitin isn’t necessary.
What type of vegetables are used in the hydrolyzed vegetable protein?
Soy beans are used as the vegetable protein.
I read that grapes are toxic. What about the grape seed extract in ActivPhy?
The toxic principle(s) in grapes has not been clearly elucidated to date. Dr Tina Wismer, DVM, DABVT, DABT from the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center declared there is no toxicity concern with Grape seed Extract and has stated that the toxin is in the flesh of grapes (although it is still unknown what chemical is toxic). Grape seed extract is made from the seeds inside the grape and thus would not be associated with the flesh.And Sharon Gwaltney-Brant DVM, PhD, Diplomate, American Board of Veterinary Toxicology has also stated as recently as 2014 that there have been no reported toxicities with the ingestion of grapes eeds or grape seed extract. In fact, many holistic veterinarians use it in its pure form for various conditions. Grape seed extract is known to have strong antioxidant properties.Grapeseed extract can also currently be found in multiple other canine products including dental products and eye vitamins.The ASPCA Poison website has the following FAQ that also state no known toxicity with grapeseed extract. https://www.aspca.org/about-us/faq/grapeseed-oilHere is an article from ASPCA that also states there is no known concern with grape seed. http://www.aspcapro.org/sites/default/files/q.pdfActivPhy has been on the market for multiple years and there has not been a reported case of renal issue.
What is the liver flavoring?
Beef liver flavoring
We offer a 100% taste guarantee; simply return the product in the original container with receipt from your place of purchase from for a refund. This excludes shipping and handling.
My dog got into the tub and ate more ActivPhy than he should have. Should I be concerned?
We recommend that you take the dog to the vet immediately for any adverse events. When we did the clinical trials for the patent, it was tested at 16x the recommended dosage for 120 days with no adverse events. For most dogs, this is more chews than they would ever overeat. However, there have been some instances of pets eating the contents of an entire tub of soft chews. There have been no toxicities associates with this; we’ve seen some mild diarrhea and vomiting in a few cases, as you might expect with any type of overeating incident. We always recommend consulting your veterinarian in these instances, as they are the most aware of the individual health issues that your pet has.
Can ActivPhy be used during pregnancy in dogs?
As with most human medications, there is not a history of use of ActivPhy in pregnant dogs. There is nothing within the product that is contra-indicated in pregnancy, so this decision to use the product in a pregnant animal has to be the veterinarian’s decision.
The lid was left off my jar of ActivPhy; will exposure to high or low humidity dry it out and ruin it?
No. If the container was left open for up to a week, there will be no problems with stability of the actives. However, the product may absorb some moisture in high humidity environments which will make the soft chews stickier.
What if my ActivPhy has gotten hot from being in the barn or freezing in the cold? Are the active ingredients still potent?
Yes. There will be no impact on stability or potency, although we recommend on the label for all ActivPhy products to be stored at room temperature.
What if my dog is on another joint supplement and I want to switch to ActivPhy? Do I have to start with the Initial Administration dosing?
It is ok to switch and it would be best to start off ActivPhy under the initial higher dosing schedule. Remember that no other joint supplement has the patented ActivPhy blue-green algae ingredient.
What if I miss a day or two giving ActivPhy? Do I have to start over with the double dosing?
No. Continue dosing normally.
Can I give ActivPhy to a cat?
No. Studies have not been completed yet in cats, so we cannot recommend giving it to cats.
Can I give ActivPhy to a diabetic dog?
Yes. But a veterinarian should make that decision. There is very little sugar, as sucrose, in a regular size Soft Chew. There is 750 mg of sucrose per ActivPhy Soft Chew, or 270 mg per Small Bites Soft Chew.
Can I give ActivPhy to a dog that is also receiving NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)?
There are no known contra-indications between ActivPhy and any NSAIDS.
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